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March 18, 2014

Bree, University California Riverside, Class of 2014. Wott Woot! Bree is graduating college from UCR this spring. She is so exicted and she has every reason to be… She made the most of her college life experience at UCR. She was in a sorority all 4 years. She lived with all of her best friends and worked hard to save up money to go to Australia for a once in a lifetime experience this Summer.

I have photographed for Bree and her family for many, many years so it was a true joy to photograph her college grad photos. She is a super fun, happy girl so I picked a location that suited her great. There are so many beautiful photos of Bree from this college sesh that I don’t know how they will choose just one to enlarge.

See for yourself… here is Bree, University of California Riverside College Grad (this Spring) enjoy!











March 18, 2014

Savannah- Colorado State University Class of 2014. Savannah was back in Upland from college for a holiday. She wanted to take her college grad photos and I had the perfect location. Savannah loves country so we headed up to my friends private ranch. They are just the nicest people.  Savannah loved everything about the ranch. The wild flowers, the golden light before sunset, the horses, the barn. It was a great photo session.

Savannah is majoring in Sociology with and emphasis in criminology. She plans to return to Upland and become a Police Officer with the goal of becoming a detective. I know Savannah will achieve all of her dreams. Savannah played soccer when she was at Upland High School so Colorado State just had to have her join their tea,. She loved her college days and soccer experience and met a really sweet guy that she has been dating for a few years. What an exciting college experience!

Thank you to Savannah and her Mom for honoring me with taking these college grad photos and for letting me choose one of my favorite locations in Upland. We had so much fun and it has been a pleasure watching Savannah grow from a child to this beautiful young lady.










April 29, 2013

Meet Katie, She is graduating in May from University of San Diego, She is beautiful, intelligent and oh so sweet. Her smile makes me happy and I am so blessed that I got to watch her grow up. Katie came home for Easter break from San Diego so I headed to her house for her college grad photos. We chatted about her 4 years at University of San Diego and her next journey where she heads to Chicago to start her teaching career. I am so incredibly proud of Katie. I can’t wait to see her get her life started and catch up with her the next time she in in town. Here are some of my favorites photos from her portrait session. xoxo



April 29, 2013

What a great guy! Jacob is graduating from Biola University in May with a degree in Film. I am so excited for him! I can totally see him behind the camera directing or producing major films. He spoke about his time at Biola University with nostalgia and endearment. He really enjoyed his 4 years at college. It was so fun hanging out with him and taking his college grad photos. I wish Jacob a wonderful and exciting time at Grad school and I can’t wait to see his future shine!

April 11, 2013

Where does the time go? I remember this sweet face when she came to my daughter’s school in Third grade. She and my daughter have been the best of friends ever since. Natalie is graduating from Azusa Pacific University. She has been involved with APU cheer, youth groups, ministry, missions trips and much more. I would have to say that Natalie sure did make the most of her time at Azusa Pacific. She has many lifelong friends that she will continue her journey with. I am so proud of Natalie and the amazing women she has grown into. I look forward to watching her career grow in Naturopathic Medicine. Great job Natalie and congratulations on receiving your Bachelor’s Degree from APU this May. xoxo